AffiloBlueprint 3.0 – Mark Ling’s Blueprint For Affiliate Marketing Success

| May 15, 2012

Mark Ling’s is back with the new and improved version of his time-tested affiliate marketing product AffiloBlueprint.

AffiloBlueprint 3.0 will officially be launched on Tuesday, May 29th at 11:00pm ET

Pre-launch is currently underway and during this time you can download a free report “How to Find Profitable Affiliate Niches”. Click here to download the report and accompanying video.

The core principle of AffiloBlueprint is building simple websites that earn regular income from affiliate marketing. The initial version of AffiloBlueprint was introduced during a workshop he held by Ling. The websites that he built would proceed to earn over $500 per week. The second version would improve the product by clarifying and simplifying the process which made it easier to follow.

AffiloBlueprint 3.0 which is new for 2012 continues build upon the strengths of the product. The proven product focuses on picking niche markets along with affiliate products, researching and identifying keywords that encourage high conversions, website content development and search engine optimization for web traffic.

Affiloblueprint 3.0 is primarily targeted toward those who are new to affiliate marketing and are looking for a comprehensive guide to get started The product consists of 12 modules which include over 80 instructional videos. The videos can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer. There are also PDF transcripts of the videos. There are also structured “homework” assignments which help to keep you focused and on track. In addition, it includes the Affilotheme WordPress theme which makes it easier to get your affiliate sites up-and-running and optimized.

  • Market Research and Keywords – Finding profitable niches and products, and researching keywords for your website.
  • Creating Content – Strategies and methods for creating the “meat” of your website. Learn how to create your own content, as well as get great results from outsourcing.
  • Setting Up Your Website – Discover how easy it is to set up a website with your included Affilotheme hosting and WordPress theme.
  • Website Design – Find out how to create great looking websites with ease. Learn how to avoid common website design mistakes that might be hampering your affiliate earnings.
  • On Page SEO – How to optimize your own website for higher search engine rankings.
  • Off Page SEO – Discover some of the most powerful link building methods around to boost your site’s ranking in the search engines.
  • Advanced Link Building – Learn even more methods for link building.
  • Newsletters – One of the most effective ways of boosting your affiliate income is to build a newsletter list.
  • Tweaking Your Website – Troubleshooting your website, discovering why you aren’t making any money, and expanding your reach
  • Google Adwords Part 1 – Learn the basics of pay-per-click marketing with Google Adwords for instant, targeted traffic.
  • Google Adwords Part 2 – How to optimize your Google Adwords conversions.
  • Google Adwords Part 3 – Further PPC optimization and advanced tactics are covered as you put the finishing touches on your campaigns.

AffiloBlueprint will sell for $77 during the first week available then the price inceases to $197. This also includes a 1 month free trial of Affilorama Premium. There will be an upsell for Marks’s Traffic Travis SEO and PPC research product.

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