AffiloJetpack – Key Features and Benefits

| July 8, 2010

AffiloJetpack is the upcoming product from Mark Ling. I mentioned in my previous post that the product is stacked and I’ll be detailing what is included shortly. If you have followed Mark’s previous work you realize that quality is a trait that sets his products apart. At the heart of AffiloJetpack are super high quality websites with everything already done for you…and I mean everything. But calling this product simply a website is not doing the product justice. So lets break it down and see what is included in AffiloJetpack.

  • Niche Selection – One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many marketers is properly choosing a niche. There are so many opinions and techniques for finding keywords and analyzing competition…plus it takes a lot of time. AffiloJetpack cuts out this process by providing you with 10 proven niches of which you will be able to choose 5 to tackle. Unfortunately, the niches have not been released (which is understandable) but these 10 niches offer a great potential for affiliates.
  • 80 Part Autoresponder Series Per Niche – If you downloaded and read Mark’s Report – 5 Step Method For Making 10K Per Month Online you will realize the importance that he places in building a list. Many people just getting into affiliate marketing think of an autoresponder as a final piece to the puzzle and never get around to implementing it. Other affiliates struggle with what to write and underutilize their autoresponder (been there, done that). What Mark has done is put together an 80 email newsletters that are organized for a 1-year followup sequence. You will receive about 65 information emails and 15 hard-sell emails that were written by Mark himself. You get this for each of the 5 niches for a total of 400 emails! So you can load up your autoresponder and let it ride on autopilot for a year while you build a relationship with your subscribers.
  • 20 High Articles Per Niche – Use these articles as quality content for your niches to bolster your sites. You can break the articles into blog posts or rewrite/spin them to make them unique. Once again, you will receive 20 articles for each of the 5 niches for a total of 100 articles.
  • AffiloTheme Custom WordPress Theme – Do you struggle with the technical aspects of creating and customizing your own affiliate blog? AffiloJetpack includes their “newbie/technophobe” friendly WordPress theme that allows you to easily change the look and feel of the site. It also includes a built-in FTP program and squeeze page generator capable of building 4 of Mark’s own top converting squeeze page layouts.
  • One-click WordPress Installation – Utilize the AffiloJetpack hosting platform and you don’t have to worry about getting your own hosting, setting up WordPress and installing themes. Instead it is all done with one click of your mouse. Do you aready have your own hosting? No problem, simply download the content to use on your own.
  • Professional Header Graphics – You will receive at least 3 header graphics that you can use on your niche websites. These graphics include space to add your own heading text.
  • 3 eBooks Per Niche – You can use these sites as incentive for people to sign up for your newletter or give them away as a bonus. They can also be sold as their own product. Each eBook is approximately 7500 words long. You will receive a total of 15 eBooks.
  • Traffic Training – AffiloJetpack will provide comprehensive training on traffic generation methods to get traffic to your niche sites as quickly as possible.

Whew…that was a lot. As you can see, AffiloJetpack is not just a simple website but a complete affiliate solution to get your online marketing presence up-and-running fast. It eliminates many of the hurdles that marketers face such niche selection, keeping up with your autoresponder and the technical aspects of building affiliate websites.

So, now it the time to Click Here To Download The AffiloJetPack 5 Step Method For Making 10K Per Month Online

Enjoy! Tim

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