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| May 16, 2010

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Profit Instruments is a new product from Ritoban Chakrabarti that details his system that earned him over $250K last year.  It is based on creating tiny websites (aka profit instruments) that earn on autopilot while getting loads of free traffic from the search engines. 

According to Ritoban, a Profit Instrument is a tiny website that takes about 2 hours to setup and is based on a single keyword that he calls the “Product Name Keyword” or PNK. The PNK ranks well in the search engines and bring a lot of organic traffic. This PNK strategy can be applied to many types of affiliate offers including Clickbank, CPA and Amazon.

Profit Instruments features 5 Core Modules and 2 Bonus Modules. It includes over 30 videos, process maps, checklists, as well as, assignments for you to follow. This is a good method to keep you engaged and follow along the concepts revealed in the product. There is also over 3 hours of video in which you watch Ritoban create a Profit Instrument from scratch.

Lets take a look inside each of the 5 core modules…

Module 1: Introduction

  • An introduction to the “Product Name Keyword” or PNK concept.
  • It also includes some some prep-talk into how the course is to be consumed and warm up the brain for what’s inside the entire course.
  • An explanation of the ‘Promotion Chain’ and why the PNK’s are such a big deal.

Module 2: Selection
This module covers keyword research including how to find profitable PNKs easily and quickly.

  • In this module, you’ll find a lot of ‘Selection Sources’ to find PNKs.
  • Learn the various ‘Selection Criteria’ that need to be kept in mind before selecting a PNK.
  • An introduction to ‘The Formula’ for finding the golden PNKs.
  • An explanation of the Selection Technique for CPA Networks, Amazon, Clickbank and In-house Affiliate Programs.
  • Learn how to apply ‘The Formula’.
  • Discover the ‘Quick Match’ technique to QUICKLY find the profitable PNKs.
  • Learn the LSI Identification technique.

Module 3: Creation
This module will cover everything about creating the Profit Instrument.

  • Learn the importance of ‘Domain Name’ and how to find the domain names.
  • Learn how to add domains to hosting and how to install WordPress.
  • Learn exactly how the Profit Instrument will be structured in ALL of the details details.
  • Learn the various Approach Styles and how to create content.

Module 4: Promotion
This module will cover a lot of SEO strategies.

  • It’s revealed in which cases, the PI can rank well WITHOUT any promotion.
  • Discover the ‘Set-n-Forget’ strategy and how to implement it.
  • An explanation of the entire PIthagoras Strategy and how to implement it.
  • An explanation of the various ‘Authority Piggyback’ strategies.
  • Learn about various ‘Article Strategies’.
  • Learn various ‘Stealth Tactics’.
  • Discover some of the ‘Super Cool Strike’ techniques.

Module 5: Optimization
This module is all about making more money with the same traffic i.e : Optimizing the PI

  • First, you will learn the Optimization Rules and the general Technique.
  • How to optimize various ‘Compulsory Elements’.
  • An explanation of how to optimize various ‘Additional Elements’.

Remember that Profit Instruments will be available on June 8th. Stay tuned for my Profit Instruments Bonus for purchasing from my site. Click the big blue button below visit the official Profit Instruments website.


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