SEOLinkVine – Closing To New Members On Friday 5/14

| May 12, 2010

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day.  I just want to pass the word that Brad Callen will be closing the his SEOLinkVine to new members on Friday, May 14th at 2:00 ET.  There are 2 components to SEOLinkVine – 1. ) for getting free content for your websites and 2.) for submitting articles to get backlinks to your site.  The 2nd component to get backlinks is what is closing.  The free content side is free and will remain open. Brad has been very active at the Warrior Forum responding to questions and discussing plans for continuing to improve SEOLinkVine which include adding more blogs to the network,

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I joined SEOLinkVine when it officially opened a couple of weeks ago.  During this time I have submitted 16 articles to the network and they have been posted to over 100 blogs.  That is over 300 backlinks to my sites because each article allows for 3 links.  Even better, these sites will continue to be submitted to more blogs as they are added to the network.  Below is a screenshot of my article stats (click to enlarge):

As you can see, my articles are still pending approval from 225 blogs.  Assuming they maintain the same approval rate then they will be posted on 207 more blogs for an additional 621 backlinks.  What makes this great is that these numbers will continue to grow as more blogs are added onto the network!

Below is the email that I received from Brad about SEOLinkVine closing to new members.  Reminder that if you join using my link then you will receive my SEOLinkVine Bonus offer.

Hey Tim, this Friday we’re closing the doors to NEW
MEMBERS for the “get links” side of SEOLinkVine.

If you’re already a member, nothing will be effected, other than
the fact that you can probably expect more links, faster, as we
build out our blog network without accepting new members to the
“get links” portion (so, GREAT news for you if you’re already a

I had planned to keep the site open to new members forever, but
because the response was so high, we reached our capacity in only a
couple of weeks. Apparently word spread throughout forums that our
system actually increases links and Google rankings. Go figure 😛

Because of this, we’re closing the doors to new members this
Friday at 2:00pm ET and will be focusing entirely on growing,
growing, and growing our blog network to triple the amount
of links that members should expect to get (as well as integrating
new feature requests and some other cool stuff I’ve got up my sleeve)

Anyway, I won’t ramble anymore about this. I just wanted to give
you a heads up that if you try to signup to the “get links” portion
of SEOLinkVine after this Friday at 2pm ET, then you unfortunately
won’t be able to.

The “get content” part of SEOLinkVine will be open indefinitely,
though. So if you’re using the system JUST to get free, automated
content, you’ll still be able to signup for that portion forever.

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