4 of the Top Pin Scheduling & Pinterest Automation Tools

| April 5, 2017

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Buffer is the name of a blog dedicated to “Thoughts on Social Media and Online Marketing”. They cover the latest in social media tools, analytics and strategies to help you effectively manage your online presence. They reported on a study that showed you should be pinning 5 to 30 times a day for the best engagement and the most results from your marketing efforts.

From the small business owner or blogger, that may seem like just one more daily task you will never get to. Who has the time to create that many pins each and every day? Then you have to log into your Pinterest account and manage your pins, come up with great descriptions for each pin, and start the process all over tomorrow.

There is help on the horizon if you need assistance with your pinning schedule.

The following tools help you automate the pinning process. This allows you to spend just an hour or two each week or month creating your pins. Then you automate the process using the applications and websites listed below, sending out your pins on whatever schedule you dictate.

1 – Buffer

Aside from being an informative social media marketing blog, Buffer is also an application you can use to automate your social media content delivery. One really nice aspect of the Buffer social media posting application is that it lets you schedule your posts and pins for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Pinterest.

Another incredible advantage of Buffer over some other auto-pinning tools is that it tells you the most active times on Pinterest and the other social media sites. You can then use those default time slots for pin delivery, or create your own schedule.

2 – ViralTag

You probably dream of the day that one of your Pinterest pins goes viral, driving massive traffic to your website. That can definitely happen with ViralTag, a social media dashboard which allows you to schedule and post images to up to 3 social networks. Choose from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The Pinterest tool allows you to select a specific board, add a pin description and a relevant source, and then set the exact times and intervals for posting pins.

3 – Viralwoot

If you are wondering where popular Pinterest scheduling tool Pinwoot went, this is where. Upgrades have been made to the Pinwoot scheduling platform, with a new name slapped on the resulting creation. You cannot only schedule your pins for the future, but you can also create pin alerts, you have access to important analytics and statistics, and you can promote your pins all from the Viralwoot dashboard.

4 – BoardBooster

BoardBooster automatically schedules pin delivery over ideal time periods. You can streamline group board contributions, test your pins for broken links, edit and “clean up” your boards and view statistics which reveal which of your Pinterest boards are performing the best, and the worst.

NOTE: TailWind and Pinvolve also come highly recommended as automated Pinterest pinning tools.

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