4 Things that Bloggers Can Automate to Save Time

| April 8, 2018

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Starting your own blog might not seem very time-consuming at first, but if you’re successful and you manage to get lots of readers, you will feel the need to constantly update your blog in order to maintain your popularity and keep your followers happy. When you start to get busier, you might find that simple tasks take up more of your time than is necessary, and if you’re working a full-time job alongside your blog, you just might not have the time to keep everything in the air. Here are a few tasks you might consider automating with software or by hiring team members who can help.

1. Managing emails
This might not be such a big problem at first, but if your blog takes off and becomes popular, you will get many people emailing and messaging to ask you questions or simply give you compliments and thoughts on your blog. Rather than spending a couple of hours every day responding to these and building good relationships with your followers, you can pass the task on to somebody else to complete. Ignoring the messages is never a good solution, since it could discourage people from following your blog.

2. Blog posts and updates
You probably want to keep your blog personal and stay involved, but this doesn’t mean that you need to spend every single day posting updates and coming up with new ideas. You can post things yourself on a regular basis, but to provide fresh content and keep everybody interested, you might need to post new things more often.

3. Updating your social media accounts
This is another thing that bloggers should be very involved in, but it can be incredibly time-consuming to do all by yourself. As well as making new posts, trying to engage with your fans and followers and letting people know about any news or fresh content on your website, you should respond to comments and messages left by your followers in order to maintain good relationships. The good news is that this doesn’t all need to be done by you! Social scheduling software means you can schedule posts in advance, and virtual assistants can take care of interaction.

4. Proofreading
Stop worrying about making small mistakes in your posts and hire somebody to proofread everything for you before it’s published. Ideally, you should find somebody who is available around the same working hours as you are, or if not, have them proofread your posts and schedule a publishing time to suit you. Not only does this mean you can still publish content even if writing isn’t one of your strong points, but you can also save lots of time on checking your spelling and grammar and worrying about whether or not you’ve structured your sentences properly.

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