5 Reasons to Write & Sell an E-Book from Your Website

| January 4, 2017

Write & Sell an E-Book

There are some very good reasons the most successful online marketers write at least one informative, problem solving, question answering e-book and sell it on their site. The first of which is…

…you establish yourself as an authoritative expert in your field.

Authors are perceived as intelligent people. This is true whether you write an e-book or a physical book. They are respected and admired for their ability to communicate their thoughts in a way that is engaging and enjoyable for the reader.

You benefit from the perception that you are an industry leader when you write an e-book. Selling it on your website or blog gives you credibility as an online marketer. The typical web surfer couldn’t imagine writing a book, and then clearing the technical hurdles that are required to sell and deliver it electronically.

Make sure your e-book over-delivers on whatever promise you make in its title, and offer it for a nominal fee. This not only puts money in your bank account, but it lifts your image in the eyes of your audience and instantly positions you as an authority in your niche.

Compared to other bloggers and Internet business owners who have not written and offered an e-book for sale, you instantly become an “expert” on whatever topic you write about. When we chat again, you will see exactly why you really have no excuse for not writing your e-book.

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