7 Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Magnets

| October 11, 2018

Every blogger has certain things which seem to attract more readers and subscribers than others. When you find these things, you should try to promote them as much as possible. Here are some ideas for promoting your lead magnets and getting more readers, followers and subscribers.

1. Use Facebook
Promote it wherever you can on Facebook, but don’t over-promote and make people sick of reading about it. Update your cover photo and use this to advertise for a month or so.

2. Use call to action buttons
You can use these on Facebook and other social media platforms, but you can also create them for the blog itself. When people go to the homepage, have a button which tells them to ‘click here’ or ‘sign up’.

3. Email your subscribers
This is something that you need to be very careful with, since you don’t want to email your subscribers so much that they ask to come off your mailing list. However, if you identify something which is gaining a lot of interest, don’t be afraid to send a quick email to your followers letting them know.

4. Create guest blogs
Rather than always posting on your own blog, link up with other bloggers and ask them if you can guest post in return for a link or button back to your website. You can use this to specifically direct readers to the page you believe will get the most leads.

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5. Have an advertising competition
This is great for small bloggers, since you are likely to have a small group of keen followers with whom you have a great relationship. Offer a prize to the person who shares a link the most or manages to get the most people to subscribe.

6. Make a video
People don’t always like reading chunks of text, so it’s often nice to mix it up a bit and do something different. Make a video either using a video maker or simply recording yourself on your phone. You can upload this to YouTube and share it on your blog for more interest.

7. Post regularly
Whether it’s on your blog or on social media websites, you should post regularly if you want people to remain interested and remember you. While you shouldn’t create clickbait and flood everybody’s pages with your advertisements, you can post once a week or so to remind your existing followers and make any new followers aware.

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