A Podcast Builds a Relationship with Your Audience

| July 21, 2017

We like people that are like us.

When you hear someone saying things you agree with, or mentioning that they have encountered the same problems you have, you begin to like and trust that person. Subconsciously, you connect better with an individual when you hear that person talk, rather than when you read something he or she wrote. This is why podcasts have exploded in popularity the last couple of years.

People want to hear what others have to say, especially when the voice they are listening to solves a big problem, answers a nagging question, or reveals characteristics the listener can identify with.

Your podcast won’t deeply connect with everyone that listens to it. Some people will listen to one of your podcast episodes for a couple of minutes, then tune off and never return. That’s okay. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

What you can do is connect deeply with people who are looking for the information you are talking about, people who identify with your voice and your message. They are much more involved emotionally when they hear your voice in a podcast, rather than reading that very same information in a blog post.

A podcast episode can be enjoyed whenever your prospect has some free time. This means that person listens to your podcast when he or she has intentionally created some free time to do so. Their focus is on your message, rather than 100 other things, and this dramatically improves the possibility that you create a real connection with that person.

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