An Overview of the Product Launch Process

| October 2, 2018

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For many businesses, launching a new product is what takes them to the next level. The month of a launch can mean as much as double or triple your normal amount of business. That said, to get that kind of results, you need to manage your launch well.

Lets look at what a successful launch process looks like from start to finish.

Come Up with a Slant or Unique Product

The first step is to come up with either an entirely unique product, or a product that’s similar to other things on the market but with a unique slant.

For example, in the weight-loss market, hundreds of books fail every year because they try to take the same approach as other books in the past. But the “Eat This Not That” books hit the New York Times Bestsellers list very quickly, because it took a very unique angle on an already existing subject.

Finding and Managing Partners

The type of emails and offers you’d craft for a JV-centric launch and a launch to your own internal list only are very different. Before you can intelligently structure anything else, you need to know exactly where your traffic is going to come from.

Marketers in the beginning stages of their career will tend to market just to their own lists, potentially with one or two other affiliates.

More experienced marketers may have many affiliates, or several big-time JV partners.

If you’re expecting many affiliates to sign up, then the main goal of your funnel is to make it as easy for your affiliates as possible. Make the link sign-up process easy, make it easy for them to place tracking pixels if they need it, have emails and banners up, and go the extra mile to do anything and everything to help them.

If you have one or two JV partners that are disproportionately big, then do custom campaigns for them. Do custom landing pages, custom emails and, if you can, do a joint teleseminar. This is your one shot to bring their customers to your list.

The Push and Sales Process

Once you have your angle and partners lined up, then it’s time to start marketing the product.

Start by just giving teasers of what the product is about. Don’t send emails about it, but just allude to a new product on Facebook or Twitter and in the P.S. sections of emails you’re sending out.

Then, as it gets closer to launch date, be bolder about your marketing. Tout the benefits of your product; sell it with passion – loudly and proudly. Make sure you also have a scarcity mechanism in there so people will act now to buy.

A well-structured launch process can have a huge impact on sales. If you just launched a product without using the proper process, you’ll probably make a few sales. On the other hand, if you launch it with a well-designed sales process, you’ll likely see a massive flood of sales on the day of the launch. It’s that big of a difference.

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