Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

| September 26, 2017

google search engine optimzation

In this lesson, we focus on what you should not be doing with your search engine optimization efforts. These are a few things that will destroy your rankings.

First let’s define bad SEO. It is anything that is unethical, outdated or not in line with Google Search Console guidelines.

One of the biggest SEO faux-pau is duplicate content. This is content that is also found on other websites. How does that happen?

Actually, there can be several ways. One is your content could have been copied and pasted into someone else’s blog. Two, if you buy your content, and it is not exclusive to you, someone else could have the same content. If neither of you rewrote it, it will show up as duplicate.

And if they were first to publish, why index the same content on your site. One way around this is to slant the content differently, so it isn’t seen as duplicate. Another is to tag the post “no index/no follow”. This way the spiders will skip over it and it won’t count against you.

Keyword stuffing is another thing to avoid. Many posters will use the same keyword over and over in their post to the point that it doesn’t sound right – unnatural when read aloud. To avoid keyword stuffing, keep the density of a keyword to 2.5% maximum. This means that no more than 2 (or 3) words out of 100 should be the keyword. Many of the SEO plug-ins check keyword use and warn you if it is too low or too high.

Guest posting is another one misused by posters having good intentions. They want to increase inboard links to their site so they guest post (with approval) on another niche-related site to get a link back to their own site. However, for SEO purposes, the guest posting should be for exposure and recognition with the link ancillary to the post. If the content in the guest post is duplicate or of low quality, the link will be of low to no value.

Too many ads above the fold is another faux pau. Above the fold is the part of a blog post that loads without the user having to scroll down. Too many ads in this area drops the ranking in search engine results.

If you keep a watch out for these four things when it comes to blog posting, your site and posts will overall rank better.

We mentioned SEO plugins in this lesson and how they will warn you on keyword usage. In the next lesson (and sadly the last), we are going to look at some plugins to make optimizing your posts easier. See you then!

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