Building Multiple Recurring Revenue Streams

| October 26, 2018

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A primary goal of recurring revenue is to get a fairly reliable and predictable income month after month. When you branch that out into several recurring revenue streams, you also add a measure of security in case one or more of your streams unexpectedly dry up. Not having all of your eggs in one basket is just smart business in ever-changing business times. Lets briefly outline four main recurring revenue ideas that you can easily implement into your business model:

1. Membership Sites
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Evergreen Funnels
4. Supplemental Services

Membership Sites

People typically sell a variety of products – either digital or physical (or both) – using the membership model. A membership site can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. When first starting out, generally simpler is better by offering just one paid membership level. As the site matures, more levels can be added.

Affiliate / Internet Marketing

With this method, you act as an intermediate seller between the buyer and person offering the item or service for sale. For your efforts, you earn a commission on each sale that you make. The great thing about being an affiliate is you don’t have to create products yourself to sell; just sell what other people have created.

Evergreen Funnels

Evergreen funnels are great for two reasons. First, the topics never go out of style, so you can keep offering the products over and over and keep making sales because of the constant demand for the items. Second, is due to the type of marketing – the funnel method. With this method, you have an opportunity to sell three or more products after the initial offering through upsells and downsells, which has the potential to increase your earnings per listing by quite a lot.

Supplemental Services

If you have a service or software to sell instead of a product, selling it on a subscription basis instead of one-time creates a more stable revenue stream. This is the method many of the major players in the marketplace are now using to market their recurring services and software programs.

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