Facebook Groups vs. Pages – Which is Right for Your Business?

| January 26, 2017

facebook groups vs pages which is right for businessShould you choose Facebook groups or pages for your business? You should probably have exposure to both of these free social media tools as an online business owner or blogger. However, they operate differently as well as similarly in some areas, and deliver different benefits as well.

This short report will illustrate how Facebook groups and Facebook pages are the same, how they are different, and what they have to offer your business. Both give you an opportunity to access the 1.78 billion active monthly users on FB, but one or the other will probably be more suited to your specific business goals and needs.

Facebook Groups

Groups are attractive for a wide variety of reasons. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg and the other folks over at the world’s largest social media site began offering group creation, this has been a favorite tool of small business owners to reach an online audience for free. One advantage over a simple Facebook page is that groups are much more visible in News Feeds.

This means more exposure, which is probably why you are thinking about representing your business on Facebook in the first place. Another reason why you may choose an FB group over a page is the greater sense of community there. Everyone loves being a member of a group, especially one dedicated to a very specific topic or interest.

Groups also offer their owners a simple way to store files and search through endless posts. This is good for a number of reasons, the least of which means building your email list through a Facebook group is much more efficient and successful than trying to do so on a standard page.

There are 3 different types of groups – Open, Closed and Secret. Because of this, matching your group to the specific needs of your business is easy. You can also change your group privacy setting at any time, but only to a more restricted level. You can also change your group name at any time, until you reach 5,000 members.

Facebook Pages

For personal or business access to Facebook, you can set up a page rather than a group. FB pages have some distinct advantages over groups, and here are a few of the most important ones.

If you are a number cruncher that understands how important analytics are to efficient and productive business growth, FB pages all the way to go. They have a built-in analytics platform where you can measure what is working, what is not, and frequently field-test different attempts at marketing your business.

Facebook ads have made a lot of money for a lot of people. Small business owners such as online entrepreneurs and bloggers can use FB ads to reach a massive or restricted audience, and choose exactly who sees their advertising messages. These ads can be run on the smallest of budgets, and another advantage of pages over groups on Facebook is that you can advertise pages, and not groups.

While groups may facilitate discussion and engagement, you can also do that on a Facebook page. Facebook pages are much more branded and identifiable as your business than groups are. Pages also allow you to install apps that can automatically build your email list, generate and market to leads and prospects, and even run contests.

Group and Page Commonalities

FB groups and pages have the ability to run surveys and polls to see exactly what your community is thinking. This is invaluable in gathering information for product development and customer retention. No longer do you have to guess what your market is looking for. You can ask specific questions which lead to engagement and conversations between you and your prospects.

Both platforms integrate with Facebook Live real-time video streaming technology. This means that running a webinar, hosting a Q&A session or just keeping in touch with your audience via video can happen in a “right now” setting. Video has been proven to drive more engagement than text-only posts and updates on FB.

If someone in your group or on your page misses your live video stream, that post is still there for them to access it later. Your Facebook Live broadcasts are treated like any other posts. This is an incredibly powerful and free tool that allows you to create video products that you can actually charge money for, and is also a great way for you to develop more confidence marketing your business, products and services.

Depending on your message, and your business goals online, Facebook pages or groups can get you where you need to be. In the best case scenario, you will have both a Facebook page and group to represent your business, products and services.

However, because of the inherent differences in these two free and potentially powerful ways to reach an online audience, one may be more sensible than the other in your particular scenario. Whichever you choose, make sure you attempt to build your business on the world’s largest social media site, for access to nearly 2 billion social media loving web surfers.


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