Facebook Groups vs. Traditional Forums: What’s the Difference?

| January 17, 2017

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Online forums are great places to connect with like-minded individuals. There are forums for just about every imaginable topic and area of interest. Most allow you to add a signature file that shows up every time you ask a question, answer a question or otherwise engage with anyone in the forum. This means you can easily drive traffic back to your website or blog.

Facebook groups can also be an excellent place to hook up with people in your industry. Facebook is the social headquarters of the Internet, so when you open a group there, you enjoy a very easy-going, cocktail party type of feeling.

If both places can be beneficial for building your business and your brand, what’s the difference?

Facebook groups and online forums are both places you need to be if you have a blog or online business. Facebook groups are much easier to set up, and you can do so literally in about 2 minutes. Facebook also delivers access to 1.25 billion global users, which can be very attractive for obvious reasons.

Traditional Internet forums are much more difficult to create and manage. If you have no experience in that area, you are highly recommended to find someone to handle the task for you. The traditional online forum will also never deliver anywhere near the potential numbers that Facebook offers.

On the upside, a virtual forum is usually very specific. The people are there to discuss only those things involved with a particular topic, marketplace or niche. As you well know, that is not the case on Facebook. Even if someone joins a Facebook group about a very specific topic, you will find that person, and others, discussing anything and everything under the sun.

Starting a Facebook group is free, and starting your own online forum will cost money, unless you are going to do all the work yourself. The content you post to an online forum is always available. Once you make a post to your Facebook group, as soon as it is pushed to the bottom of the screen it is virtually gone forever.

Probably the biggest negative about Facebook is that you have very little control. That social marketing behemoth can change its rules at any time, and after just one complaint, whether valid or not, you could see your Facebook group shut down forever.

This is not the case when you develop and manage your own online forum. Just like building a website or blog, you are in 100% control. You can sell advertising space to generate income, something you certainly cannot do on Facebook’s real estate. Facebook groups and traditional web forums offer unique positives and minuses for your business, so why not develop a presence on each?

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