Facebook Live vs. Youtube Live vs. Instagram Stories vs. Periscope: Which Live Video Platform is best for Your Business?

| July 24, 2017

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Thanks to social live streaming services, even non-techies are able to create videos like the pros. In fact, it’s the “realness” of these videos that viewers really love. From sharing views to breaking news, the use of social live streaming appears to be thriving.

Interestingly, it has led to a heated contest between the major players in the industry such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Periscope. So, let’s compare them so that we can find out the best cookie in the jar.

User Interface

Experts state that user interface should be like a joke: if it needs explanation, then it’s not good at all. Thankfully, pretty much all the networks have made it a breeze to capture live video. Anyone with a small blog or businesses can pretty much use any of these platforms to make viral content or to reach out to their audiences. That being said, Facebook has the simplest user interface in comparison to its peers.

For instance, Youtube live streaming is possible only when you access Youtube through your web browser. It won’t work in your mobile browser. Periscope is a live-streaming video app. So, one should download the app first, to get started. On Instagram, user footage disappears immediately if not saved. On the other hand, you don’t need to download or use a separate app to live stream on Facebook, and the video can stay permanently on their platform. Moreover, Facebook allows one to go live instantly at the click of a button through one’s computer or phone.

Video Lifespan

Not all the platforms out there allow users to save videos for later use. Both Facebook and Youtube allow live video streams that can be saved permanently by users on their platforms. Videos on Periscope can be saved only for 24 hours. Instagram allows one to save the live video on their camera roll and not on the app itself. (Though nothing is stopping you from uploading the same video again on Instagram.) So, Facebook and Youtube enjoy an upper edge over here since they allow users to save videos permanently in a hassle free manner.

User Comments

Once the broadcast is live, users with huge followers start receiving comments on their videos. There is nothing better than a live two-way interaction between business owners and their audience. It helps businesses connect to their users in a whole new way, making their brand look more real, reliable, accessible, and customer oriented.

The Facebook comment section is small, making it harder for viewers to read them as they happen. On the other hand, the Youtube comments section is large, but they fly off pretty quickly, leaving a broadcaster with little time to read or respond. Periscope makes it easy to view and to reply to comments. However, users can comment only at the time of live broadcast.

Instagram Stories live streaming not only makes it easy to view and comment, but it also allows the broadcaster to switch off the comments if things get heated. So, Instagram wins this round.

Which platform is right for your business?

All the live video options have their share of pros and cons. The great news is that none of the platforms require you to have any special equipment to go live. All you need is an effective marketing message that can connect with your audience. At the end of the day, the platform you choose should be the one where most of your target audience are based.

If you have a massive following on Facebook, you are better off going live on Facebook. If you have a lots of subscribers on Youtube, then you’ll get a better response using Youtube. And, if you’re organized enough, you can even use multiple devices to help you go live on more than one platform simultaneously (though make sure you have a good internet connection!)

Whether it’s for a product launch, as a bonus to a paid program, or simply to share what you’ve been up to in your business recently, live streaming is the perfect way to increase engagement and help people get to know you – so take advantage of it!

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