How to Get Over Your Fear of Being on Video

| June 20, 2017

Are you camera shy? A lot of people are. Poll after poll shows people are actually more scared of getting in front of an audience and speaking than they are of dying! So it makes sense if you don’t want to have your pretty face on video talking about your business.

However, video marketing is an absolute must for the online entrepreneur.

In 2017 as much as 74% of all web traffic is expected to be watching videos. So you must get your videos out there, and this might mean getting over your fear of being a video star. The following tips can help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to cash in on the efficient marketing method that is video marketing.

Record a Short 30 Second Video Talking About Anything

Record a video of you talking about anything you feel comfortable about. Don’t worry about how you look. Then watch the video couple of times. Improve on it. Find out where you made mistakes, and correct them. Don’t publish this video. This is just for your comfort and growth.

Understand That Mistakes Make You Real

Real people make mistakes. You do and I do. So do your prospects, customers and clients. If you pronounce words improperly on your video or make some other silly mistakes, you come across as a real person to your audience. This can engender you to your prospects, and make them identify you as someone who is just like they are.

Take Baby Steps And Go Audio First

Most people are scared about how they will look on video. If this is you, use screen capture software to make your video, and just use your voice for audio. After a few of these types of videos, your comfort level of hearing your own voice will improve dramatically. Then the next logical step is adding video with your smiling face.

Hire a Professional

Hire someone to take your place in your video. If need-be, hire a video production company and or studio. After you see how much money you have to pay someone to make a video for your business, your level of discomfort may take a backseat to your pocketbook the next time you want to record a video.

Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Tell yourself you are going to record 1 video each week. You don’t have to publish these videos at first. Then tell yourself each month you’re going to choose 1 or 2 of those videos to publish. This gets you comfortable and friendly with the process, and your comfort level, as well as your expertise, will grow in leaps and bounds over time.

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