How to Get Traffic to Your Site from Other People’s Facebook Groups

| January 9, 2017

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You have no doubt seen some of the gargantuan Facebook groups that concern themselves with your marketplace or niche. As an online entrepreneur, blogger or Internet marketer, it is easy and natural to feel jealous about one of your competitors owning such an impressively sized Facebook group. You probably think from time to time, “How can I get access to all of those people that are interested in my niche?”

Doing so is actually not that difficult, but there are certain inherent rules you have to follow.

The first thing you need to do is join the group. Once in, contact the group owner or administer. Be totally open about the fact that you are in the same field or market as them. Be totally transparent about the fact that you are a business person looking to build your presence online, and you would be open to any type of mutually beneficial relationship.

Do the Work for Them

You probably already understand that consistent, regular interaction is needed on social media if you are going to be successful building your brand. When some other person’s Facebook group is attractive to you, remember that person may struggle to engage his or her audience and post regular content, just like you do. In return for a link back to your website or blog, offer to provide a certain number of weekly updates or posts.

The bigger the Facebook group, the bigger the need for relevant content and engagement. You may be surprised that your competitors are more than happy to let you handle some of their workload in return for sending traffic to your site.

Engagement Is the Key

Your traffic can also benefit from someone else’s Facebook group when you engage the audience you find there. Instead of just lurking, answer questions and provide valuable content. Show up regularly, and often. Become a well-known information source in that group. Facebook is a very social place. When people know they can rely on you for helpful information they will check out your profile. If you have included a link back to your website, they will naturally want to take a look.

Offer to Provide a Valuable and Free Resource

This works surprisingly well when your online presence is much smaller than the person who owns the Facebook group you are trying to access. In this situation, that person does not look at you as a competitor. Contact them, offering to create a valuable resource for the members of the group. Make sure that the value is over-the-top, and that you construct something that people would be happy to pay for.

In return for this free gift you are offering the group, ask the group administrator or owner if you can add a link back to your website or blog. Even if they prefer you not to link to your website from their Facebook group, you can place your information and several hypertext links to your site inside the product you will be giving away to the group.

Many times a competitor gladly agrees to this kind of relationship, since it helps their group members out and helps their relationship with the group, while also helping grow your online presence.

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