How to Make More Sales Using Video

| September 3, 2017

Why Video Over Other Types of Content?The following are just a few of the literally limitless ways you can create sales, income and profits using your videos. Don’t stop with just the methods below. Think creatively, and you can combine the compelling and engaging power of video with proven copywriting and psychological techniques that turn your videos into passive income cash machines.

Add a call to action – You should have a call to action in every video you make, and every piece of content you create. You don’t want to always ask for a sale, but you do need to suggest a sale with at least a portion of the videos you create.

Give away high quality, free content – If all you did was publish video after video to YouTube, and every one of them was content-rich and answered important questions that your audience has, you might never need to ask for a sale in your videos. This gets people to know, like and trust you, which can lead to sales. Just direct those video viewers back to your website, landing page or sales page.

Use videos as bonuses to add value – This works really well if you sell information products. Including an in-depth series of how-to videos that complements a product or service you sell is a great way to incentivize a purchase.

Record customer testimonials
– Social proof is essential for sales. All the advertising in the world cannot create the believability of a few customer testimonials, videos you record where a customer tells about his or her happy experience with your products or services.

Make product videos – These are short and to the point videos that physically show the top benefits of the products you sell. These could be how-tos, walk-throughs or explainer videos.

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