How to Make Sure Your Students Engage with Your Online Course

| September 30, 2018

You’ve sold your online courses, but have you made sure that they’re going to have the desired effect? Have your students really done the work and got something out of your course? Are people going to tell their friends about your online course and recommend it to other people who are trying to learn about the same thing? There are many things you can do in order to make sure that your future students engaging with your online course.

Make updates

Unless your course is something that people have to download, you can constantly make updates to the course depending on feedback that you receive. Making regular updates will ensure that there are no technical errors with the course, and also that students are getting the most effective experience possible.

Create milestones

People will always remain more engaged with a particular thing if they feel like they are achieving a lot. If your students feel they are making progress while they are doing your online course, they will remain engaged and motivated and will want to carry on with the course and make it to the end.

Don’t make it too easy

You should make your online course at the right level for the audience you are trying to target. However, don’t make it too easy as this will discourage people and they will lose interest very quickly. People want something that they can think about a little bit or that will challenge their minds, and if your online course is too easy for their level you will lose students.

Include different content and media types

Rather than every module being videos followed by questions, mix it up so that your students have a variety of things that they can work on and learn from. This could be a couple of videos, following by a quiz and then followed by a chunk of text. You could have one slide with audio, and another which allows students to engage with one another in some way, either within a forum or through voting buttons.

Make it aesthetically pleasing

Although the content and the message you are conveying is the most important part of the online course, you should make it as visually appealing as possible. Don’t use bright colors that may give people headaches, and don’t use capital letters either as this is difficult to read. Use neutral colors which are easy on the eye, and make a habit of using images where appropriate.

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