How to Reuse and Re-purpose Content from Your Live Video

| October 24, 2018

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If you’ve been successful in making a great live video, you might start wondering what else you can do in order to utilize the content and get as much mileage from it as possible. Some videos that you post will have a better response than others, and if this has been the case with your live video, it is a good idea to look at the content and think of ways you can use it further.

1. Share the video after it has ended
On many social media platforms, the video will automatically be added to your profile after it has ended, so it’s not as though the video has gone forever once you have stopped filming live. However, you can create more attention around the video by sharing the link to it and asking people to watch it even after it has finished. The appeal of a live video is still there since people will know that at the moment you filmed it, you were filming it live.

2. Download the video and share on other platforms
If you have a large list of email subscribers for your blog, you might want to download the video and share it with them. Remember that not everybody uses social media, and depending on the target audience you have, a lot of your fans and followers may only be interested in email contact or following your actual blog. You can easily download the video from your Facebook page and then send the link or an attachment by email to the contacts in your mailing list.

3. Share your video on YouTube
YouTube is still the top website to go to for videos, so if people are searching for something in particular and your live video fits the criteria, they will be interested in seeing more. You may even find that you get more followers and subscribers by doing this, especially if your live video was around a particular topic that you regular blog about or that you are interested in.

4. Share clips of the video
Perhaps the whole video didn’t turn into something that you’d like to share a thousand times over, but you can certainly watch through it afterwards and pick out your favorite bits. Download the video and then crop out the parts you want to keep and save them as separate files. You can then use a video editor to make a different and/or shorter video with content specifically chosen for certain platforms and purposes.

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