Identifying strengths and weaknesses

| May 1, 2018

Let’s take a few minutes to start thinking about what you are good at and what you are not. And the effect that each can have on your business.

When it comes to business, some of us are better at doing some things than others. By identifying our strengths and weaknesses we can build on the first one and learn how to keep the second one from holding us back.

The first step as a solopreneur is to sit down and document what you feel you excel at. This could be something like marketing or creating products you sell on your blog or website. Or it could be writing the sales letter for those products.

Now document what you are not good at or what you struggle with that takes more time than it should. Let’s say it is writing sales letters and creating document covers like an ebook cover.

If you feel you can’t (or don’t want to) learn how to do these things well, and they are holding back your business from expanding either in sales or readership depending on the purpose of your blog, then consider hiring someone else to do these tasks for you.

By hiring someone to do these tasks for you, you can use the time captured to focus on doing the things you are good at doing. In the end you are trading dollars for time, but in many instances, you can make more money with that saved time than what it cost.


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