Identifying the Tasks You Should and Shouldn’t Be Doing in Your Business

| April 18, 2018

When you first start a business, it might seem possible and even sensible to do everything yourself. However, if your business starts to grow, it might become the workload of more than one person, and regardless of how hard you want to work, you just won’t be able to manage every single thing on your own. In order to efficiently delegate tasks and run your business properly, you should identify the things you should and shouldn’t be doing.

What should you be doing?

As the owner of a business, the things you should ensure you do are:

• Attend meetings and be prepared to meet people who want to visit your business for networking purposes
• Deal with customer complaints that have been taken higher than the first point of contact for complaints and customer issues
• Conducting weekly meetings with other team members to ensure the business is running smoothly in other areas
• Monitoring emails and responding accordingly to any important enquiries, messages and suggestions
• Observing the workload of the business and deciding whether or not you need to hire extra team members – you should then be involved in the process of hiring them
• Most importantly – focusing on the bigger picture – you don’t have to worry too much about the finer details as they can be handled by other members of the team
• Doing what you enjoy most (if that’s why you went into business in the first place!)

What should you not be doing?

There are many things that you can delegate to other people in order to save time and ensure the efficient running of the business day to day.

• Managing the social media accounts of your business can quite easily be done by somebody else, either an assistant or the communications team depending on the size of your business.
• Responding to simple customer enquiries and emails can be delegated to somebody else. This will free up a lot of your time, particularly if the company receives lots of enquiries and comments on a regular basis.
• Organizing the logistics of meetings and other networking events can be left to other members of your team – you can concentrate on the more important things such as how to advertise and get the attention of other people in the industry or what you are going to talk about at the event.
• Marketing and advertising can be managed by the same person who is looking after the social media accounts – you shouldn’t need to use up your time making sure everybody is kept up to date about new promotions or features on your website.

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