Internet Marketing – What is a Membership Site?

| October 28, 2018

internet marketing membership sites

A membership site is basically anything that you offer as a subscription where the customer receives a product or service automatically on a schedule until they choose to cancel or the subscription runs its course. Delivery is usually on a monthly basis, but it can be more often or less. And the subscription can have an ending date or go on forever. It is very common for a fixed-term subscription to run monthly for one year.

While membership software programs are available that allow you to set up multiple membership levels, one of the simplest ways to run a membership site is by using email marketing via an autoresponder. Once set up, emails go out to your subscribers on the schedule you set up, known as dripped content. Links to your product or service subscription are contained in the sent emails so they can download the current item.

In more traditional membership sites, subscribers have full access to a product or service via password protected content. Once they sign up, they are given a User ID and Password that they use to access content on your membership site.

Another type of membership site is called the drip-fed. It is a hybrid of both the email and traditional types in that access to content in the member’s area is “drip-fed” by email over a period of time instead of the subscriber having full access to everything all at once.

Types of things that work well for membership sites include 30-day challenges, daily or monthly inspirations or to-dos, done-for-you businesses-in-a-box, like PLR or even physical products like a monthly tea or coffee club, where the subscriber gets a new selection delivered to their door monthly.

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