Introduction to Business Systems for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

| April 29, 2018

business systems for bloggersOn December 1, 1913, something wonderful happened to your business. Odds are pretty good you weren’t alive then, and your blog or small business was certainly not around. Yet something happened that day that would provide you the opportunity to save time and money building your business or running your blog in the 21st century.

Innovator and automaker Henry Ford turned the building of automobiles into a series of specialist jobs. No longer did one or two people have several tasks when building an automobile. Each individual did one thing and one thing only, and all of these people were positioned on an assembly line. The assembly line method of building automobiles dramatically reduced the amount of time it took to manufacture a car from start to finish.

Using the old way, a vehicle was built in about 12 to 13 hours. The Henry Ford assembly line method dropped that production time to just 2 hours and 30 minutes. That is a savings of 9.5 hours, meaning that this automated method could crank out 5 automobiles in the time it used to take to assemble just one. Now the automated assembly line method of production is used in a wide range of businesses.

worker production line

Automating Your Business Like Henry Ford Did

Though it has been more than 100 years since Ford develop the assembly line method for building vehicles, that same type of business system and mentality can produce major results for you. There are software suites, websites, applications and freelance specialists which provide assembly line-like business systems and automated processes which can reduce how much time you put into your business, while increasing your productivity.

That is exactly what you’ll discover in this report on putting assembly line efficiency to work for your blog or small business.

You are going to discover what business systems are, how to profit from the time-saving efficiency of outsourcing, automated processes to improve client communication and your customer experience, and ways to create content more efficiently. From marketing, project management and product development to any and every other area of your business, you will discover ways to work less, save time and create more free time, while simultaneously making your business run more efficiently and productively.

Check back for the part 2…

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