Keyword Research and Its Importance in SEO

| October 22, 2017

You could make an argument that proper keyword research and implementation is the most important, and effective, SEO tool. That is because good keyword research…

1. Helps you rank for the right keywords and phrases

2. Reveals words and phrases relevant to your niche that are easy, moderately difficult and difficult to rank for

Without doing keyword research, you may chase particular words and phrases that have very difficult competition. There is absolutely no reason to even attempt to out-SEO the huge websites and companies that rank high for terms like “weight loss”. After you do some keyword research, you may find that a term such as “over 50 weight loss tips” is much easier to rank for, because it has a lot less competition.

Here are a few different types of keywords.

Longtail keywords – phrases with 3 or more words

Navigational keywords – YouTube and Procter & Gamble are examples of keywords used to locate a particular website or brand

Head-term keywords – These are words or phrases you want to rank for that contain just 1 or 2 words

Informational keywords – keyword Keyword phrases which begin “how to …” or “where can I find …” are used to inform your visitors

Transactional keywords – these These are keywords and phrases which are farther along the buying cycle, such as “buy tennis shoes online” or “where can I buy …”

Here are a few popular free and paid keyword research tools.

  • Google Adwords: Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • SEMRush
  • Soovle
  • Google Correlate
  • Uber Suggest
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • KWFinder

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