Making Content Creation Easier with PLR

| April 24, 2018

Content Creation PLRThere one is on a form of outsourcing that makes content creation easier, faster and in the end better – PLR. When you mention PLR – Private Label Rights – many people immediately have a negative opinion about it, but here’s the thing – it depends on how you use it.

PLR content is articles, reports, or ebooks (for the most part although there are other forms of medium) that people buy with the intent of using the material in some way. However, because hundreds, if not thousands of people may have purchased the same material, if used without altering it first, the identical content could show up elsewhere. But when used correctly, it can make content creation fast, easy and laser-targeted to your customer base.

PLR was never meant to be used “as is”, however because many people are lazy, they did just that and hence it started to get a bad reputation. But, if you use PLR as a starting point, it can be a great time saver.

If well written in the beginning, all you may have to do is to tweak it a little to make it your own. Add an introductory and ending paragraph; maybe add, delete or change some material in between; add in some links if needed and you are ready to post. Or when used for ideas, you may not use any of the original PLR material – just the ideas that are in it and write your own post from those ideas.

One note, there are different levels of quality of PLR. If you buy a package of 15,000 articles for $20, you most likely will not find anything in it you can use. However, if you find a PLR provider that writes good copy in your niche and pay between $1 and $2 per page, you most likely will get quality material from the start. If you buy quality in the beginning, you will spend less time repurposing it to suit your needs – another time saver.

The other route to get written content is to hire a freelance writer, but be prepared to pay considerably more. Most of the good ones charge $10 per page and up. But the good thing is you won’t have to edit it and there will not be duplicate copy anywhere on the Internet as it is written precisely to your specifications.

In this series, we looked at how you can identify where your time is best spent in your business and how you can fill in the gaps of things that either you are not good at doing or don’t want to do. I hope you have enjoyed it and can the information to expand your business. Take care!

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