Online Courses vs. eBooks: Which Should You Create?

| September 26, 2018

Online Courses vs. eBooks

If you have something to teach the world and you have a website on which you can showcase it, then that’s definitely something that is worth doing. It can help to promote yourself and your expertise, it can make you money, and can also help to build a base of loyal users. The two main ways to teach online are through online course and eBooks. Depending on what you’re trying to teach and how you’re trying to communicate it, one type of product may be better for you to create than the other. Here are some of the things you should take into consideration when making a decision.

How much are you trying to teach?

If everything you’re trying to teach could fit in a small book, then the most appropriate method of teaching it would probably be an eBook. This allows you to break down what you’re teaching into several sections without making it into a huge product that takes hours to get through. However, if you think your content would take up well over 50 pages, you should think about putting it into the format of an online course. An online course is made up of several modules, which are all split into topics and then split again into sub-topics.

How can the topics be explained?

Some topics just cannot be properly explained without more visual content, for example, highly technical content or food recipes. This could mean that you have to use videos in order to properly convey the message to your users and audience, and an eBook would not be appropriate for this. If you think, on the other hand, that words and a conversational tone would be the best way to explain it, an eBook may be perfectly suitable.

How large do you want the finished product to be?

You have to consider how large the file will be once you have finished it. While this will take into account how many pages you have, it will also look at videos, images and other content which takes up a lot of space on computer memory. If you are trying to target people in countries where the internet is generally slow, or you’re trying to target smartphone users who may not have enough storage left on the device, try to minimise how large the item is by making a small eBook.

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