Pre-Selling Your Online Course

| September 24, 2018

Pre-Selling Your Online Course

If all has went well up to this point as far as testing the market for your online course, your next step could be seeing how many people are willing to buy your course ahead of you actually writing it. If they are willing to part with their money and only get a promise of something in return, you can be certain they feel their investment will be worthwhile to them.

If you go that route, be sure to send out frequent updates as far as where you are at with writing the course. You can even use your buyers as a sounding board if you are unsure of something that you are thinking about putting in your online course as you are writing it.

Then of course, once your course is ready for distribution, be sure to get a copy to each buyer. Then follow up with an email a few days later to (1 – see if they were able to download the course and (2 – to get feedback on how they like the course so far for those who have started reading it. Occasionally, follow up with a few more emails just to keep in touch with them and to get some valuable feedback. You can use the feedback to update the course as needed and redistribute an updated copy.

Sell a pilot of the course

This can be used in conjunction with pre-selling your online course. One popular method used today is the webinar. Create a webinar by talking about key concepts that will be in your online course. Put those key concepts and supporting documentation into a PowerPoint presentation that you’ll run during the webinar while talking. This not only gives your audience the audio, but also the visuals of your course. This is important because so many people are visual learners and pick up something better if shown instead of just told verbally. Also, be sure to record your webinar so those interested, but could not be present at the time, can benefit from your webinar also.

From here you could either sell a pilot of your course or pre-sell the entire course (or ideally both). Your pilot course could be a great sales strategy to a pre-sell; if they like your pilot, they most likely will like the full course. Make sure your price points are low enough for both your pilot and pre-sell to make it a “no-brainer” for them to buy.

In the next and final post, we put everything we learned up to now and put all together into one neat package for you to use when planning your next online course. You are not going to want to miss this part!

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