Pros and Cons of Automated (Pre-Recorded) Webinars

| June 11, 2017

You’re probably familiar with the term passive income. If not, this means developing a sales funnel that finds prospects, qualifies them, presents your offer and captures sales automatically. The process goes all night and day without your interaction, you can reach a truly worldwide audience with the Internet, and this automated income delivery service can often times explode your business overnight.

Those are some of the upsides of recording a webinar and using it as part of a sales funnel. Simply give and record one good webinar and all you have to do is send qualified prospects to your webinar sign-up page. If your offer is good, you deliver a lot of great free value in your webinar, and you targeted your audience correctly, you have created a lifelong income stream. Let’s look at a few other pros (and cons) of pre-recorded webinars.

The Good Things

• A recorded webinar gives you a way to offer free, valuable content to a targeted audience forever. You can improve the lives of your prospects simply by giving them a link to your webinar.

• You build your email list automatically. You absolutely must be building a list of qualified prospects if you have any sort of business presence online. Webinars have shown more effective than many other marketing methods for building an email list.

• You automatically create a product you can sell forever. As long as you add some really incredible value and information that appeals to a target audience, a recorded webinar becomes a product you can sell that helps people change their lives in a positive way.

• You save time. Host and record a webinar once, and you can use it for marketing, sales, building an email list, and for any other number of business benefits. Unlike a podcast episode, you don’t have to continually host webinar episodes regularly.

• You increase conversions over just writing blog posts. Click through rates and sales conversions from webinars, whether live or recorded, consistently outperform text-based online marketing methods.

The Not So Good Things

• Recorded webinars that are offered as live webinars never truly seem live. There’s a special feeling to live conference calls and webinars. Don’t ever advertise a recorded webinar as live or your audience will see through your “fake” marketing message, and you can do a lot of damage to your business.

• Automated webinars often feel like a sales pitch from the get-go. Since you are pre-recording a webinar and using it over and over to build your email list or make sales, you may unconsciously broadcast that intent.

• There is no sense of urgency. When your audience knows a webinar has been recorded (and you should never mislead your prospects by marketing a recorded webinar as live), they don’t feel like they have to listen right now. They will often times put off listening until a later date, and never end up benefiting from your webinar content.

• Your content can become stale. The Internet is a rapidly changing business model. Because of this, the information you give in a webinar may not be relevant only months or even weeks after you recorded the webinar. This means a pre-recorded webinar can be irrelevant to your listeners rather quickly in some cases.

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