SEO Plugins That Make Blog Optimization Easier

| September 17, 2017

Welcome! Here are a few great and free tools you can use on your blog that makes SEO easier to do.

Yoast SEO
This is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress of all times and for good reason. It works! It prompts you through the important items SEO-related on your post. Things like keyword, keyword density, using the Alt attribute on images, linking, titling and meta description.

Google Keyword Planner
While mainly created for marketing advertisers as far as how much a bid would cost them if they wanted to run an ad, it is also a great tool for bloggers to use when looking for applicable and alternate keywords for a blog post.

Open Site Explorer
This free tool lets you check different things on any domain you type in. Want to know who is linking to a site in the same niche as you? If you know their URL, this plugin will tell you. It also checks the anchor texts they are using, their top pages, domains they are linking to and which pages are linked to your site.

Broken Link Checker
This WordPress plugin not only checks for broken links, but in many cases fixes them on the spot, thus saving you time of having to go into your site and manually edit them. Broken links not only hinder the readers experience, but also can lower your SEO ranking.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox
If you frequently link to an external site, you’ll want this plugin. Once installed and activated, you can make an external link nofollow by just checking a box. This way that link will not detract from your SEO ranking.

W3 Total Cache
W3 improves SEO overall and ultimately your user experience by improving on the performance of your website. By caching, information can load faster, thus reducing load times and improving SEO ranking.

Use these tools to improve your SEO ranking, make blogging easier for you and improve your visitors’ experiences.

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