Should You Ever Change Your Target Market?

| November 5, 2016

Should You Ever Change Your Target Market?

Sometimes you need to change the focus or target of your business. You have spent a lot of time and money that don’t seem to be returning the results you’re looking for. This could mean simply taking a long hard look at why your marketing is not successful. Perhaps your target market prefers being approached by emails, and ignores off-line advertisements. They may be very responsive to webinars and teleconferences, and hate being approached on Facebook by companies like yours.

If your marketing efforts are not paying off, you may be reaching out to your target market in the wrong way.

When Your Target Market Is Wrong

Sometimes though, regardless of tons of research, you end up marketing to the wrong group of people. You may have done research and found that the term “beta fish care” gets a lot of monthly searches online. You dig deeper, and find out there is very little competition for that search term. You build a website, pay to have content created, write a beta fish care e-book, and pay for traffic.

You continue to market to the low competition target you have identified, those people interested in how to take care of their beta fish. However, even though you see you are getting a lot of traffic to your articles, sales page and other marketing pieces, you don’t make many sales.

This is when you need to take a longer look at the market you have targeted.

Someone searching for the term “beta fish care” may just be looking for free, online tips. They may not be willing to invest money in purchasing an e-book. If you have knowledge in the area of tropical fish, perhaps you should target a term like “where can I buy betta fish online”, or another such phrase which identifies a target market further along in the buying cycle.

These people have expressed a serious interest in spending money.

Therefore, they will be easier to market to, delivering a better return on investment than someone who is just browsing the web looking for free information. Sometimes your target market is just fine, and you simply need to change your approach and marketing methods. At other times, if you are not achieving the success you are looking for after a substantial amount of time and effort, it may be your target market that needs changing, and not your marketing itself.

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