Story-Based Content Connects With Your Audience

| July 23, 2017

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People love stories.

Before written communication, telling stories was a way to pass down knowledge. Humans recorded their history by telling stories. There’s just something about a story that grips your audience and holds them until the end. They absolutely must find out what is going to happen to the protagonist, and this gets them reading or listening through until the story is finished.

Think about these two scenarios.

You are an outdoor deck builder and repairman. You are writing a blog post about your deck repair services. Which of the two following approaches do you think will create the deepest connection with your audience, and make your services seem invaluable?

Scenario #1

You mention your deck repair services. You talk about summer being just around the corner, the perfect time for having friends over. You say that you can help someone make small or large deck repairs, or build an entirely new deck, so they can enjoy entertaining outdoors with their friends and family members.

Scenario #2

You explain that a guy named Bob has invited some friends over for an outdoor get-together. He has been meaning to contact someone about making some minor deck repairs, but has been putting it off. Just before all of his friends are due to come over, Bob trips over a warped deck board and drops two platters full of steaks he was carrying to the grill.

As he watches his dogs happily scarf down $200 worth of meat he was going to share with his friends, he realizes this embarrassing disaster could’ve been avoided if he would’ve just picked up the phone and called you last week. Just then, Bob’s wife and all of his friends walk through the house and onto his deck, and can’t help but laugh at Bob’s predicament.

Which one of those scenarios gets you emotionally involved? Which one do you enjoy reading more? The second blog post tells a story, something you can relate to. It gets you involved emotionally, whether you feel sympathy for Bob, or can’t help but chuckle a little bit at his misfortune.

Use stories in all of your content, whether you are writing a blog post or creating a video, and you will connect with your audience on a very real and very deep level.

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