Test Your Online Course Idea Using Lead Magnets

| September 23, 2018

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Welcome. Up to now, we have used searches, surveys and forums to test our online course idea. In this part, we are taking it one step further by using a lead magnet.

If you are not familiar with lead magnets, they are any content that a prospect gets in return for them giving you their name and email address. The theory being if they are interested enough to hand over this personal information about themselves, they show an above average level of interest in your course topic.

As far as the content they can download after signing up to your list, it can be a short ebook or report, a checklist, video, webinar … pretty much anything and long as it has value for them and is closely related to your course topic.

Most people familiar with lead magnets use them to build their email list, but they are also a very good tool to use to validate an online course idea. If using a squeeze or opt-on page as a sign up, make it easy for them to use. If not, they get frustrated quickly and leave without signing up.

This gives you a false sense of validation as they had an interest in your topic, but did not sign up because it was too difficult. Make it easy and only require their first name and a good email address. Then make sure you deliver by sending them a download link to their requested product.

If using a webpage or blog post to promote your lead magnet, be sure to include some of the same phrases or keywords you used when searching your market back in Part 1. This way you’ll get better targeted results.

The last thing … don’t skimp on content in your lead magnet. Make sure to include some of the best you have about your prospective online course topic to create the most interest on your idea.

In the upcoming post, we get into something not used as much as it should – pre-selling. See you soon!

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