Types of Video You Can Create for Your Business

| August 30, 2017

The following are just a few types of videos you can create to grow your business.The following are just a few types of videos you can create to grow your business.

Testimonials – Record a customer saying something good about your company, product or service. You could also record yourself reading testimonials you have received online or via email.

How-to videos, tutorials – Consumers say how-to videos which explain a process or product visually help them make purchasing decisions.

“Meet Us” videos – Why not record several videos introducing the different people on your team? People buy from people, not websites.

“About Us” videos – This is sort of like the previous video, but you don’t have to record yourself or your team visually. You could pay a professional voice-over talent to talk about your company and combine it with simple screenshot capture.

Video buyer’s guides, reviews – This type of video tells buyers how to shop for a particular product or service, or gives in-depth reviews about products you sell, or those you receive an affiliate commission for when someone buys through your link.

Unboxing videos – These work great for affiliate marketers. You purchase a product and then record yourself using that product, including every step through the process including opening the box.

Video blog posts – Video blogs, or vlogs, attach a face and a personality to your text-based content. If you have a lot of current blog posts, you immediately have scripts for videos.

Sales videos – Sales videos work so much better than text-only sales letters most of the time, because they include the power of video and copywriting.

Using Live Video

Using your computer’s camcorder and built-in microphone, you can become a video marketer in just a few minutes. The following applications and social media platforms allow you to record a live video presentation, and they are absolutely free to use.

  • SnapChat Live Stories
  • Google Hangouts on Air
  • Skype
  • YouTube Live
  • Blab
  • LiveStream
  • StreamUp
  • YouNow

Once your live video presentation is over, you have a recorded product you can use over and over.

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