What Google Wants to See on Quality Websites

| September 25, 2017

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Hello, here with another SEO lesson. As noted in the last lesson, this one is on what search engines, and specifically Google, want to see on a website.

For quite a while, no one outside of Google really knew what it wanted to see on a website. No sooner would a blogger get it figured out and along would come a change in the rules, like Panda and Penguin. And because it was now looking for something different, the rankings would not only drop, but in some cases tank. How frustrating!

Well recently Google finally published a free guide that outlines what their raters look for: In 5 easy steps, it is:

1. Page Quality – How well does a webpage achieve its purpose?. In other words, does it do what it says it will do? If not, it is going to rank low.
2. Webpage Construction – All web pages should have three elements: main content (text, images or video), supplementary content (contributing content not directly related to the page’s main purpose, like links) and advertisements or some form of monetization.
3. Responsible Person – This includes having an About Page, along with reviews, recommendations, testimonials or new articles written by professionals in the field. All of these things add to the credibility of a site.
4. Reputation – Check out what is being said about you and your website online by checking sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Or just google yourself or your website name and see what comes up.
5. Design – The theme you are using isn’t so much about how pretty your site looks as it is about functionality. Each page should have an adequate amount of main and supplementary content. Additionally, there should be a Contact Page that gives users a means (or two) to contact you with questions or concerns.

Other items of consideration include: title tags, use of H2 and H3 headings, inbound links – links that bring visitors to your site from other websites, site load speed, mobile friendliness and a host of other variables too numerous to list here – as we said, Google looks at 100 indictors. But if you cover the five steps listed, you will be ahead of most of your competition as many posters pay more attention to content than the other things that affect rankings.

Now that you know what to do, in the next lesson we’ll tell you what not to do – bad SEO practices to avoid. See you then!

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