What Is an SOP and Why Create It?

| December 4, 2017

The term SOP is short for Standing Operating Procedure and is a written set of detailed instructions as to how you will run your business. Lets explain why you need an SOP, what should be in it and how to write one tailored to your blog business.

In the business world, it can explain manufacturing practices, safety procedures, IT measures, controlling financial assets and more. In regard to operating a blog, it is specifically the steps you will take on how you will do each function of running your blog.

It could include elements contained will be in each blog post, frequency of posting, image sourcing, outsourcing, branding, plug-ins, themes, etc. Anything you will do more than once should be included on how to do it in your SOP. That way, you’ll do that same thing the same way every time. Document the process or procedure step-by-step, so you get the same results every time; it will help you maintain the quality, quantity and security of your blog.

Because you are most likely a one-person show, it will serve more as a reminder as to the steps you will take to do a certain thing. In a business having two or more employees, it shows them the proper way to do something so regardless of who is doing the task at the time, the results will be the same.

One fault many businesses make when writing SOPs is they make them too difficult to read. Use clear easy-to-understand terms and language, along with checklists, charts, mind maps, flow charts, screenshots and outlines as applicable. Each task documented should be goal-based meaning it should accomplish a specific objective to a specific standard.

Be specific and detailed. For example, under marketing, “promoting a blog post” is not defined as to where it will be promoted or how many times. However, “promote a blog post by tweeting it 15 times in two weeks after posting” defines the task better and provides a marketing objective for your blog posts.

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