What is Batching and How Can It Save You Time in Your Business?

| April 22, 2018

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Any small business owner starts with the idea of growing the business to become something bigger and better. This increases popularity, revenue and overall success, but it also means that you have a much bigger workload. If you find that you have many tasks and you’re struggling to get everything done on time, you can try batching – a method of organization which should help to save time and remain organized.

What is batching?

Batching is a system where you allocate certain time periods to certain tasks which you need to complete – and the tasks are all alike. This could be setting an hour aside to respond to emails and send out new emails to new connections, or it could be half an hour to create a new post or add some videos to your website.

Why is batching useful in your business?

Not everybody has the ability to stay concentrated and focused all the way throughout the day. Even sitting down for an hour or two with the intention to complete the tasks you need to do can soon change into something else, and what was supposed to take a few minutes can take much longer than you had planned for.

How can you start with batching and try it out?

If you want to try out batching to see if it works for you, start by making a list of all the tasks that you need to complete within a given time frame. Based on either prioritize or the amount of time you anticipate each one is going to take, make a list with an allocation of the time period to each one. The idea is to then stick to the time period you have allocated to each task, and focus only on that one particular thing. This will stop you getting distracted and trying to do something else at the same time, and the fact you have given yourself a time frame to complete it by will help you to stick to the target and complete it successfully.

How will batching save time?

Apart from staying more focused and being able to complete one task, batching will also mean that you save a lot of time. Every time you lose focus and start doing something else, it can take 10-15 minutes to regain focus and remember what you were doing and get back on track.

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