Why SEO Isn’t as Scary as It Sounds

| September 19, 2017

Welcome! The world of SEO is no different than other things in the world today. Things are hot today can be gone tomorrow. But there are some things in the world of SEO that still work as good now as they did when first put into use. Specifically:

  • Keyword use – Use terms that people use to search for your blog topic in your blog headlines, body, tags and categories. That way it is easier for your content to be found by the people looking for that kind of information. If they can’t find you, then it will ultimately affect your page ranking because you won’t have the traffic going to your blog.
  • Fixing navigation problems – Make sure a search engine can find each page listed in your menu on your site. If it can’t, then most likely your users won’t be able to find it either. If you rename a page, be sure to update the listing in your menu.
  • Posting fresh newly written relevant content – Content that engages users and encourages them to share it ranks high. Generally, this is high value content written by you or only for you. Duplicate content will lower search engine rankings.
  • Building links both externally and internally – Search engines like sites that have links to other posts on the website, along with links coming in from other sites, known as backlinks. One practice that should be avoided is buying backlinks. This is where you pay a service to post your link in multiple websites – sometimes thousands at a time. Google will see a sudden influx of backlinks to your site and will know they are not “real”. Not only do they not count toward your ranking, they detract from it.
  • Positive user experience – This is reflected not only in the amount of traffic to your site, but also how long they stayed there. The more positive experience, the higher that site will rank.

In the next post, we are going to look at some things that Google and pother search engines like to see on a website.

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