Why You Are Better Off Appealing to A Small Section of People Than Trying to Please Everyone

| November 21, 2016

audienceThere are a lot of reasons niche marketing is so successful. You may have heard of Internet marketing gurus talking about going after a particular niche, or subset, of a larger marketplace. Most of the wealthiest and most successful Internet marketers do exactly that. They focus their every effort on a smaller, targeted group rather than the group’s much larger parent market.

You may think this is backwards.

If you want to be successful, shouldn’t you market to the largest group of people possible? The “make money online” market is massively bigger than the “make money online writing about senior health and wellness” subset of that larger group. So why doesn’t it make sense to try to reach the bigger marketplace?

One reason is, you end up spreading yourself too thin. People looking to make money online all share that same desire. However, they probably want to go about it in different ways. Some may desire to become writers. Others may find it appealing to make money online running e-commerce stores. Still others in the huge make money online marketplace may want to do so by blogging, running a podcast, or selling secret family recipes.

In your attempt to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one. Additionally, you have to educate yourself in a wide variety of topics. While you may hit on certain aspects of making money online that make sense to some in the larger group, you will certainly not attract the attention of everyone.

When you try to reach that bigger marketplace, you also have to have a larger marketing budget.

Your content creation needs are going to be bigger, as well as every other aspect of your business, than if you target a smaller group. Most important of all, it is always easier to understand the intimate needs, desires and problems of a small group of people, than it is if you are trying to please everyone you come into contact with.

Yet another benefit of “marketing down” to a small, laser targeted audience has to do with notoriety. It is much quicker and easier to become an expert in a small field than a large one. You also have more time to spend with the individuals in your audience, communicating through emails, blog comments and on social media. For all of these reasons, and many more, you should focus your Internet marketing efforts on a small, passionate and identifiable audience, as opposed to everyone on the World Wide Web.

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