Your Online Course – Putting It All Together

| September 25, 2018

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Hello again and welcome to the final part of this series. If you followed the advice in the past few articles, then you have:

  • Searched Google and Amazon
  • Asked your audience questions
  • Wrote a lead magnet
  • Pre-sold your online course or sold a pilot course using webinars

From your research using the four above items, you now:

  • Have identified or verified a topic in general that should sell well
  • Have found out what your potential customers want in regard to that topic
  • Found out if you must make any changes to your overall plan
  • Tested the potential of your idea

This should give you a pretty good idea if your online course idea will sell well or not. And of any major changes that should be made, if necessary. But if you would not have gone through this process, you would never have known the true potential and could have spent a lot of money and time on something that did not have customer appeal.

If changes are warranted, update your course outline as necessary, change your lead magnet and pilot course, webinar and test again. Once satisfied, everything is right, go ahead and either write the course or hire it written for you. Once finished, deliver it to your pre-sold customers, email to your pilot course and lead magnet customers and continue marketing your online course.

To your success!

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