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| March 8, 2010

Auto Content Cash is a new product from the trio of Alex Goad, Brian Johnson and Jared Croslow that will be released on Tuesday, March 9th at 12:00 EST.  During prelaunch, they are giving away a new WordPress plugin which they had developed called the Deep Link Engine.  This plugin will allow you to automatically get backlinks for each blog post that you make. In addition, it also adds outbound links to related content for each post.

This plugin is part of the overall Auto Content Cash system that revolves around creating “nano” sites. These sites can be built in about an hour and leverage content from other websites.  That’s right…they require little to no writing skills.  These are not autoblogs but a unique system that uses the “duplicate content” in a method that is loved by the search engines.  The Auto Content Cash relies on mass automation to help build out these sites fast.  It is not uncommon to be able to build 20 – 40 sites in a typical 8 hour day that can be monetized with affiliate products from Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon among others.

Auto Content Cash is designed for both beginner and experienced marketers.  The beginner gets a proven system that is quick to implement, does not require writing skill with a minimal investment.  Auto Content Cash also covers some advanced techniques such as finding and using expired domains as link drivers for other properties, flipping your sites and outsourcing the system.

Auto Content Cash consists of three modules…

  • Auto Content Cash Secrets
  • The Mass Automation Formula
  • Piggy Back Marketing – the secret formula that puts the process on steroids

You will receive the following with Auto Content Cash…

  • A comprehensive 100 page blueprint
  • 100 accompanying videos – these videos are short and organized to keep you on track…not overwhelmed
  • 3 custom WordPress plugins
  • A 90 minute webinar bootcamp with the authors to get you in the zone and “force” you to profit
  • A 90 minute orientation session and exclusive webinar on outsourcing


Auto Content Cash is going to sell for $77. Order from the link below and save 10% on this price! I will pay you a discount of $7.70 directly to your PayPal account. Auto Content Cash comes with a money back guarantee and the discount will be paid once the refund period has past.

Click here to refer to the page on how to order and claim your bonuses. After clearing the cookies in your browser then:

==> Click Here To Order Auto Content Cash

All The Best!

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