Saj P is back with Banner Ad Blueprint

| February 5, 2010

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Banner Ad Blueprint is a new course from Saj P and Philip Mansour that will be available on Tuesday, February 16th at 12:00pm ET. Saj P is the force behind multiple Clickbank best sellers including Four Tier Annihilation Method, Affiliate Payload, The Site Rush, Affiliate Funnel System and most recently Zero Friction Marketing.

There have been many courses recently on CPA, PPC and Video Marketing but Banner Ad Blueprint differs in that it is focused on driving traffic with “Media Buying” or in other words Banner Ads. Yes, banner ads, the images that you find on just about every website. These banner ads actually account for approximately 80% of all paid traffic. The reason for this is simple – images or multimedia are very effective forms of advertising. Just think about television commercials (i.e. the Superbowl is tomorrow)…the same applies to banner ads on websites. They draw visitors attention and typically have a higher click through rate that basic text links.

Banner Ad Blueprint is a massive course that features over 10 hours of solid content in 30+ instructional videos. It also includes accompanying eBooks and mindmaps for it’s 8 modules that cover:

  • Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Doing the proper beginning stages of Market Research
  • Whether to Direct Link or to use Landing Pages
  • Complete Banner Masterization
  • Signing up with some of the TOP banner exchange Ad Networks
  • Following through to the 2nd stages of proper Market Research (Demograpic Targeting)
  • Setting up Insertion Orders
  • Tracking all progress using 3rd party Adservers

Knowing, Saj P’s track record this is sure to be a hot course and in high demand. I will offer my own Banner Ad Blueprint for purchasing from this site.

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