Autoblog Samurai From Paul Ponna

| September 7, 2010

Update 9/20: 3 Additional Bonuses Are Being Offered By Paul Ponna In Addition To My Bonuses!

Autoblog Samurai is the latest software offering from Paul Ponna that will launch on September 20th. Paul Ponna is a veteran marketer who has released a string of hot selling software products target to Internet Marketers. A few of his more recent products include Miracle Traffic Bot, Magic List Bot and Copy Paste Systems.

Auto blog Samurai is a 3-in-1 software program that will automatically create unique content and posts it on WordPress and Blogger blogs. You do not need your own domain or website to be able to create profitable autoblogs using the software. The software is already being used by 15,000 blogs around the web. Including with the Autoblog Samurai software is comprehensive training on niche selection and how to pick the most profitable niches. The software will create the unique content, post it to your blogs and keeps the blogs updated. Here are a few of Autoblog Samurai’s features

  • Autoblog Samurai will automatically update your blogs daily. This allows you to concentrate your time on scaling up by continuing to build additional niche blogs quickly.
  • The Auto Blog Samurai software is able to create blogs in 42 language which allows you to target your content to various countries. You can target niches in different countries which may not be as competitive based on their region/language. The Auto Blog Samurai software will write the content for you in the various foreign languages.
  • Spend less time writing content and more time researching your next profitable niche. Manage your autoblogs right from your own desktop with this unique software.
  • Auto Blog Samurai can also help you with your list building by letting you easily include your autoresponder opt-in forms in your autoblogs. Build hundreds of autoblogs and expand your reach to thousands of potential subscribers.

Auto Blog Samurai will be released on Monday, September 20th. Continue reading below to learn about the bonus products that you will receive from purchasing from this site using the link below! New Bonuses From Paul Ponna Have Been Added!


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Auto Blog Samurai – Bonus #1

Autoblogging Profits – Uncover the hands-free strategy for building insanely profitable blogs that run on completre autopilot!

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Auto Blog Samurai – Bonus #2

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Auto Blog Samurai – Bonus #3

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Auto Blog Samurai – Bonus #5

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How To Order and Claim Bonuses

Click here to refer to the page on how to order and claim your bonuses.

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Profit From Your Own Blog
First of all, exactly what is a blog? In general terms, it is a kind of interactive, on a regular basis updated online journal. A blog owner is known as blogger, the activity of maintaining a blog is called blogging, and also the blogging community and everything related to blogging is jointly known as the blogosphere.

How are blogs produced? There are several options. The cost-free way would be to begin a autoblog at one of the countless totally free blog services, like the Google service called blogger. An additional choice is to use one of several free blog scripts and install it at a paid or free web hosting service. Such free blog scripts are also numerous, the most popular of these being wordpress. Additionally it is possible to join up for a paid hosting service with an already installed wordpress blog, but this service is sort of costlier.

Now let’s assume that we curently have an autoblog. The next question will be: Exactly where do we get content material? Pick the subject for your blog. It might be your specialized profession or activity. Regardless, you must have solid knowledge of the niche. For example, if you are a proctologist, you may write about hemorrhoids, their remedy, prevention and suchlike as long as these aren’t medical articles, but materials written in layman’s terminology. To give you a more practical example, if your hobby is dogs, write about them and people will love it. There is another way to get website content. The internet has many services providing totally free articles. All you have to do is select the most interesting ones and post them. In this manner you can quickly fill your site with content.

Getting to the question associated with promoting your auto blog, it’s worth observing that blogs are better indexed by search engines than ordinary websites due to the specifics with the criteria used in blogs. For instance, a new post in a well-promoted blog might appear on the search engine results page already about the next day. Of course, this involves registration in special catalogs devoted to blogs, which is what you will do next. Yet another way is to publish articles having a link to your auto blog. There are providers meant for this purpose.

But most importantly, a search engine needs external back links to your blog from some other web sites. These needs to be good links producing heavy traffic. What does it mean? This means that preferably the link should be on the web site’s main page. What’s more, these pages should have a PR rating of at least 4 (PR or Google Page Rank reflects the significance of any particular website). 5 or 6 such links is going to do more than a huge selection of other ordinary links. How can you get these kinds of links? There’s also various options. For instance, you can find a resource thematically related to your blog and offer its owners to reciprocate back links. Finally, you can buy these kinds of links. The higher the web site’s PR rating, the more such links can cost you.

Now let’s move on to the question of how you can earn money from your own blog. The plan is fairly simple: traffic is converted into cash. Your income increases proportionately with the traffic volume. One way to make money from a blog is to place ads, which is done most often through google adwords. Yet another way would be to participate in partnership programs associated with the subject of your blog. Therefore if your auto blog is dedicated to dogs, you need to advertise flea control products and other dog-related merchandise. A third way is to sell your own merchandise or services. Of course, you can combine several ways of generating income in one auto blog. Finally, keep in mind that strength is in numbers, and that’s why it’s a good idea to keep several resources at the same time.

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