Easy Video Player from Josh Bartlett

| December 25, 2009

Video has played a prominent role in Internet Marketing over the last year. Not only as a component within the actual Internet Marketing products but as a viral element used to generate buzz on sales pages. Easy Video Player is a new product from Josh Bartlett that will be officially launched on Monday, January 12, 2010 with a prelaunch beginning on January 5. Easy Video Player aimed to take video marketing to the next level with an impressive list of features that make this software much more than just a “video player”.

  • Easy integration with Amazon S3 – In case you are not familiar with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage System) is a service to host high demand video using the Amazon.com bandwidth. Many marketers use this service to host and secure their videos and to ensure that a high demand for their videos do not crash their websites during product launches. However, the Amazon S3 services have been notoriously cumbersome to use for the non-techie marketer. Easy Video Player makes this integration “easy”
  • Professional Video Tracking and Analytics – This allows you to dive into traffic sources, video views and plays, popularity, as well as, sales and conversions.
  • Auto Redirect – This features allows you to automatically redirect viewers to a specific page once the video is done playing. This could be to your squeeze page, product or blog.
  • Embed Call-to-action buttons – You can embed clickable call-to-action buttons directly into your video.
  • Embed Optin Forms – Again, you can embed an optin form directly in your video. The viewers will no longer have to be directed to another page after viewing the video. Imagine being able to grow your list virally as the video is distributed across the Internet. This feature is compatible with the Aweber autoresponder. Here is an obvious prediction for 2010 – expect to see this feature used extensively by marketers.
  • Embed PayPal Buy Buttons – Give the viewer of the video the ability to purchase your product or service directly from the video with embedded PayPal Buy buttons.

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