Instant Internet Marketing Secrets

| July 29, 2009

Instant Internet Marketing Secrets - Markus AllenInstant Internet Marketing Secrets is a new product from Markus Allen who is the publisher of  A self-proclaimed marketing geek, Markus also hosts a weekly business-building online broadcast called Stump Markus which tackles a variety of marketing topics.  He has consolidated his tips and strategies into a comprehensive online reference guide called the Instant Internet Marketing Secrets.

The guide is pure content as it leaves no stone unturned with tips on email marketing, Twitter, viral video marketing and product pricing stratgies (to name a just few). This is not your typical static eBook.  Instant Internet Marketing Secrets continually evolves as Markus updates it with his newest tips and methods to help grow your online business.  The gem of the guide is the Million Dollar Rolex, a massive collection of valuable websites, products and courses that have been essential in Markus’ success that he shares with you. You are definitely going to want to bookmark that section or print it out to keep nearby because you’ll find yourself referring to it regularly.

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