300 Internet Marketers – Exclusive Coaching Program From Brian Johnson

| January 25, 2011

300 internet marketers
300 Internet Marketers is a one-of-a-kind coaching and mentoring program from super affiliate Brian G. Johnson.

Official Launch Date: Tuesday, March 29th

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Over the last several years, Brian Johnson has established himself as both a super affiliate and top-tier product vendor.  In addition, Brian is also recognized as an expert in search engine marketing (SEO). A few of his best selling products include Revenue Domains Exposed, SEOPress Formula, Commission Ritual, Auto Content Cash and Halloween Super Affiliate. One thing that you can count on is that 300 Internet Marketers will not be some rehashed traffic software that has been widespread throughout Internet Marketing over the past couple of months.

300 Internet Marketers is actually a 9 month coaching and mentoring program that will be lead by Brian to help you build a six figure super affiliate business. The program will run from April 2011 through January 2012 and it is based on the proven strategies, systems and methods that Brian has used personally to build his highly successful Internet Marketing business. It will cover how to succeed as an affiliate, as well as, a vendor by launching your own Clickbank products.

300 Internet Marketers is going to be limited to just 300 memberships…hence the name. Included in the program, in addition to the 9 month program, are easy to follow step by step tutorial videos, comprehensive PDF instructional manuals, case studies and webinars.

  • Webinar Series #1: 90 Day Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint – Brian will be leading weekly live webinars that run from early April through June. The focus of the webinars will be building a solid for creating highly profitable businesses. Brian will lead the members as they work through the Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint.
  • Webinar Series #2: Live No-Pitch Expert Webinars with Industry Leaders – Members of 300 Internet Marketers will be provided an opportunity to attend webinars with some of the leading Internet Marketers including Alex Goad, James J. Jones, Daniel Morley, Kevin Rogers and others.
  • Webinar Series #3: August 2011 – 4 Webinars (weekly) – This series of webinars will continue to build upon the foundation that has previously been presented. The focus will be on leveraging additional traffic sources such as video marketing, product launches, JV partnerships and more.
  • Live Case Study from Brian Johnson – Watch over Brian’s shoulder as he releases an Internet marketing product into the marketplace. He explains every detail from the initial conception to the first sale.
  • Premium WordPress Theme FlexSqueeze (lite) – Members will receive the premium WordPress theme FlexSqueeze which happens to be the same theme that is used on this site (which I paid about $130).
  • Premium Paid WordPress Plugin: Google Video Sitemap Plugin – Members will have 1 year of free access to the powerful Google Video Sitemap Plugin. The course includes an in-depth video marketing blueprint whcih can be leveraged using the plug-in. This is a great plug-in, I also bought it for around $97 and video marketing is a great method for ranking in the search engine results!
  • 3 Months Access To Blogging Underground – 300 Internet Marketers members will receive three months of free access to Mike Liebner’s link building network called Blogging Underground. This service normally sells for $67 per month.
  • Spartan Six Figure Blueprints (Core Manuals, Reports & Mindmaps) – In addition to the numesous webinars, members will receive a varity of blueprints, reports and mindmaps revealing Brian’s marketing tactics.
  • Spartan Six Figure Blueprint Tutorial Videos – A series of video tutorials to supplement the blueprints and reports.
  • 300 Internet Marketers Private Mentors Forum – A private forum will be available to members of 300 Internet Marketers providing them an opportunity to socialize, resolve challenges, provide encouragement and motivation.

Check back for my 300 Internet Marketers bonus.

All the best! Tim

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