Adam Horwitz’s Mobile Monopoly – Enter The Brave New Marketing World

| July 28, 2010

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Mobile Marketing is a new product from Adam Horwitz that launches on Tuesday, August 3rd at 12pm EST.

We all know that the cell phone industry is absolutely huge. There are approximately 5 billion phones being used worldwide. Technology continues to evolve at blazing speeds which is putting more and more power into mobile devices; such as the Apple iPhone and the Google Android powered phones. So not only is the mobile market growing everyday but the technology keeps getting better and better. As a marketer this opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. The questions becomes….so how do you get in on the ground floor to market to this mobile crowd?

I’ll be honest – this is all new to me. However, Adam is going to detail how to get involved in mobile marketing and take advantage of these new opportunities. Mobile Monopoly is primarily a video-based course consisting of 11 modules. Trust me this course is packed with videos. There are currently over 50 videos inside the members area of the Mobile Monopoly website. The following is the module listing. Note: these modules are subject to change leading up to the official release.

  • Module 1 – Getting Started
  • Module 2 – The Methods
  • Module 3 – Ad Platforms
  • Module 4 – Why Go CPA
  • Module 5 – Clickbank Time
  • Module 6 – Get Physical
  • Module 7 – Pay Per Call
  • Module 8 – Local biz
  • Module 9 – Your App
  • Module 10 – Helping Artists
  • Module 11 – Wrapping Up

An optional component of Mobile Monopoly is Adam’s revolutionary BeastMobi software. This software tool is designed to automatically create high converting mobile optimized campaigns for CPA offers, lead generation, or most other offers that you would like to promote on mobile phones. It also includes mobile optimized squeeze pages and banner plus campaign statistics.

Inside The Mobile Monopoly Members Area
Adam was generous enough to grant me access inside the members area of Mobile Monopoly. The navigation inside the members area features a clean and easy-to-follow layout. All modules are accessible from the drop-down menu. The videos for each module are available on the same page. Also each video is in high-def quality. You can also download the content of the videos in PDF documents for offline reading.

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Once again, Mobile Monopoly will be available on Tuesday, August 3rd. Here is my exclusive bonus offer for purchasing Mobile Monopoly from this site.

In the mean time, click the big blue button below to learn more with the great prelaunch videos/content from Adam.

All The Best! Tim

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