Authority Hybrid from Aidan Booth

| February 14, 2012

Authority Hybrid is the brand new course from Aidan Booth that will officially be launched on Tuesday, February 21st.

You may remember Aidan from his very successful and popular course – Rank and Pillage.

Authority Hybrid is an absolutely comprehensive course that is jammed pack with value. The main concept of Authority Hybrid focuses on how to build and marketing high quality and useful websites that are loved by the search engines. These sites provide value and are leveraged for profits.

So what does Authority Hybrid include? The course features 7 modules that include over 40 instructional videos that cover Aidan’s strategies for building his Authority Hybrid sites. In addition, you also receive 22 Premium WordPress Themes, 5 Value Packed Webinars, a Support Forum, Niche Starter Kit and Site Reviews by Aidan.

The pre-launch for Authority Hybrid will begin on Wednesday, February 15th and Aidan will be providing two PDF reports. One is a case study on building the Authority sites titled “The 5 Part Profit Plan” and the other is an advanced SEO report which details how to get advanced back links that Google loves titled “Competitor Link Trap”.

authority hybrid set

Overview of the 7 Modules of Authority Hybrid Provided By Aidan

Module 1: Niche Research

  • How to find the right types of niches
  • Which niches are pretty much guaranteed gold mines
  • The niches that you’re never going to succeed in
  • The number 1 rule when choosing a niche

Module 2: Keyword Research

  • How much search volume is required on an Authority Hybrid website
  • How to verify and validate search volume BEFORE you build your website
  • How to use the “benchmarking technique” to stack the deck in your favor
  • The types of keywords that are worth targeting and those that you need to stay away from
  • The maximum number of keywords you need to target
  • How to analyze the competition of a keyword using free tools
  • How to verify commercial viability of a keyword
  • How to know exactly what a keyword will earn you

Module 3: Domain Names & Hosting

  • The types of domain names you need
  • How to buy a domain that’s guaranteed to get faster rankings
  • Where to buy Aged domains
  • The best (and most reliable) hosting company

Module 4: Building Your Website

  • How to customize WordPress to make your website outperform your competition
  • The colors that will give your website a distinct advantage over your competition and see your visitors stick around longer
  • How to integrate Facebook and other social signals into your website
  • The 5 minute method that allows me to write top grade articles that will keep your readers on your page longer
  • Design elements that will help you double your money
  • The places on your website that you need to place your ads and affiliate links
  • The plugins I use to instantly increase the professionalism of my websites

Module 5: Monetization

  • The 3 monetization methods and why these are the only 3 you should use
  • The safest monetization method to start with and why
  • How to double your Adsense revenue in under 24 hours

Module 6: Future Proofed SEO

  • The 3 types of links Google ranks and why you only need to focus on these (and nothing else)
  • The optimum place to send your links to for the fastest possible rankings
  • Why article marketing is almost dead and how to replace this pre-historic link building tactic
  • How you can still get good value from blog comments and forum posts
  • The fastest way to get on Google’s radar and leave a good first impression
  • The Squidoo tactic that results in some of the highest value links imaginable
  • How to use some free tools to uncover every last detail about your competitions link building profiles
  • How to setup a Facebook page and leverage it for unrivaled social links
  • How to pillage your competitors of their top 5 most powerful links
  • How to make your Facebook page look as good (or better) as a multi-million dollar Facebook page
  • One simple way to get people to click the Like button on your website

Module 7: Rinse & Repeat

  • How to take your business to the next level in the fastest way possible

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