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| February 4, 2011

Auto Traffic Tycoon Software

Auto Traffic Tycoon is a joint product led by Daniel Carter along with the brother duo of Andrew and Chris Fox.

Auto Traffic Tycoon will officially be released on Thursday, March 10th.

Auto Traffic Tycoon is software product that automates the process of traffic generation. It features auto posting of unique content utilized a content creation software, as well as, link building to help improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site. In addition, there is also a 1-click hosting option, as well as, in-depth training exercises to fully explain the process used to make money online from free traffic.

As part of the prelaunch for Auto Traffic Tycoon, which is currently ongoing, you can sign-up to download Traffic Quake which is a free custom developed blog commenting software. It is ease to use, as it allows you to search for blogs based on your keyword and then automatically submit comments to them while also building backlinks to your site. You can view a screenshot of Traffic Quake below.

traffic quake auto tycoon

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Auto Traffic Tycoon Software is One of a Kind

Thousands of people have tried to become successful online with affiliate marketing. Many have failed… Why?

Success in affiliate marketing takes a lot of work. To be successful you need to dominate your niche, build sites optimized for specific keywords, create quality content, and build traffic to your websites.

It’s a huge amount of work for one person, which is why many people fail. However, on March 10, 2011 a new software, Auto Traffic Tycoon, is being introduced that can revolutionize the way internet marketing is done. It provides the solution that will help anyone to become a success in affiliate marketing.

Who is Daniel Carter – The Man Behind the Software

Of course, you may be wondering about the man behind the software. Daniel Carter is the creator of Auto Traffic Tycoon and it is the brainchild of his failure and then success in the affiliate marketing business.

He spent years trying to be successful online, but it wasn’t until 2010 when he developed this innovative software solution that he truly began to succeed.

Auto Traffic Tycoon is the software he developed for his own personal use. With it he finally became a success.

He has his software to generate millions of visitors to his websites and hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

It was only his success monetarily that led him to further develop this software. While his original version took quite a bit of knowledge to use, he has re-invested in this software to make it easy for anyone to use successfully. Even a complete newbie.

He’s spent over $50,000 of his own money developing this software to provide marketers everything they need to be a success in affiliate marketing.

Your One-Stop Affiliate Solution

You’ll find that Auto Traffic Tycoon is not just a link builder, a content creator, or an affiliate site builder. This software actually combines all those software options together and a whole lot more, to provide a complete solution for internet marketing.

Everything is done for you in a unique way, truly setting you up for success in the affiliate marketing industry.

Auto Traffic Tycoon is the next generation software that offera the next generation solutions for affiliate marketers. You don’t need anything tricky like web hosting.

The only thing this system requires from you is to purchase your own domain name, something easily done for a cheap price at domain sites like GoDaddy.
Once you have the software, there are no restrictions. You get unlimited use of the software.

After all the work and money spent developing Auto Traffic Tycoon, this software is as easy as the push of a button.

It’s not a software option that you’ll only use a few weeks and then it stops working – it’s the new generation of software for affiliate marketers that is here to stay and here to provide results that people coming online to try and make money will never have seen before.

In as little as 10 minutes, you’ll be dominating your niche markets and finally enjoying the success that is out there in affiliate marketing.

Set and Forget Software

This new software is different than anything on the market today. It’s totally unique and allows you to basically “set and forget.”

Once you set up the software, it starts working for you, building links to your website, bringing in huge amounts of free traffic, and it even creates a community for you, bringing returning visitors back again and again.

Auto Traffic Tycoon does everything top affiliate marketers do for success – but it does it in minutes for you.

Unique content can be generated using the incredible A.I software to build websites that are optimised and ready for top search engine performance. It can even create conversation on your website, adding information on topics that relate to your site content.

Not only that it fully integrates with several affiliate sites such as ebay, Clickbank, Amazon to provide your visitors with the exact solution they are looking for. And it does it on complete auto-pilot… This all adds up to easy affiliate commissions.

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