Dominating Google – FREE SEOPower WordPress Plugin

| June 9, 2010

Want to save time on tedious SEO tasks associated with setting-up your blog? The prelaunch for Dominating Google has begun and Mark Dulisse is giving away a powerful WordPress plugin called SEOPower.  This plugin is designed to help your on-page optimization and increase search engine traffic to your site.  Among the features are…

  • SEOPower will detect when any visitor finds any post or page of your WordPress blog in Google and clicks over to it.
  • SEOPower will discover the exact keyword phrase that visitor searched in Google to find your site.
  • SEOPower will convert that keyword phrase into a WordPress “Tag”. This reinforces your on-site SEO for that keyword. It will then instantly apply that tag to every post or page that contains that keyword. Yes this is pretty slick.
  • SEOPower provides additional suggestions for core SEO plugins to use on your blog, as well as some optional premium plugins. You can easily install and activate the plugins based on its suggestions.

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  1. Hanna Jones says:

    Very nice, I’m a huge fan of WordPress and it’s good to see new really useful plugins getting released. I’ll download and check it out, looks exactly like what I have been looking for for quite a time. So, thanks alot!